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What are body treatments?

Body aesthetics is a set of advanced techniques and technologies that are used to achieve a beautiful and healthy appearance in our body.

At Hokory we solve problems and imperfections caused by genetics, diet, sedentary lifestyle, the passage of time and other factors.

Using these techniques, we help prevent problems such as localized fat, cellulite, firming of body tissue, poor circulation, and more.

The Hokory method for body aesthetics consists of:

Nutrition and specific diet with monthly monitoring of a specific and personalized app.

Latest generation technology with specific treatments.

Specific personalized training and exercises for weight loss.

Therapies to reduce stress and balance the body.

Cosmetology and nutricosmetics.

body aesthetics

What body treatments do we do at Hokory?

Relaxation Massage







hair removal






Baransu Relaxing Massage

The Baransu massage is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic massage based on different ancient therapies.

It is a technique that combines Chinese and Ayurvedic massages. This massage is completely personalized, since depending on the condition and needs of the patient we will act differently on the different channels, muscles and tissues of the body.

The result is a relaxing therapy that calms your mind, making the patient rediscover themselves and at the same time a therapeutic and healing performance.



Pressotherapy is a medical technique with which we perform lymphatic drainage that activates blood circulation and helps eliminate cellulite.

With this medical technique we treat different problems:

  • We eliminate fat and toxins.
  • We reduce and eliminate cellulite.
  • We eliminate and improve varicose veins.
  • We treat fluid retention.
  • Through the pressure exerted on different points we activate circulation and improve the circulatory system.


Lipolytic Laser

Aesthetic treatment to eliminate body fat in localized areas.

Forget the operating room and invasive techniques. With this low frequency bio laser we stimulate fat cells, through these frequencies part of their cellular content, water, glycerol and fatty acids, is released.

  • We eliminate localized fat.
  • Bio frequency laser.

With this technique we shape localized areas with excess fat without altering or destroying adipose tissue or adjacent tissue.


Laser Hair Removal

We end the hair forever in a few sessions.

Thanks to the laser with SHR system we can adapt to any type of skin and hair with great affection, in a painless and safe way for the skin.

We use a sweeping firing method with up to 10 rounds per second.

Our technology requires very few sessions, removing 90% of the hair, visible results in a few weeks.



Body electrostimulation uses low-intensity electrical currents to stimulate muscles and nerves, generating muscle contractions that can strengthen and tone muscles, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and facilitate physical rehabilitation.

In addition, it has been applied in the fitness and aesthetics industry to enhance the effects of exercise.

However, it is essential that it be administered by professionals and after consulting a medical specialist to ensure its safety and suitability to individual needs.


Resistive capacitive radio frequency

The principle of beautiful and healthy skin is deep facial hygiene, where we release and purify the skin of pollutants and toxins.

We use products with moisturizing, sebum-regulating, and soothing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, lotus flower water, Mediterranean salts, trace elements extracted from coral. We exfoliate and renew the skin with rhyolite microparticles and volcanic lava. We prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. We avoid allergies, our products are free of dyes and perfumes.

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