Centro Estético Médico avanzado en Alicante

Hokory is the new aesthetic concept in Alicante Centro.

Hokory is an Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in which we all work so that you achieve Balance at the dermal level, at the morphological level, at the physical level and at the emotional level… 

El Método Hokory, developed by Yolanda, explores the synergistic potentials of the three pillars of Therapeutic Aesthetics: Vegan Cosmetology, Apparatus and Kobido Ancestral Massage maneuvers.

This means that, sometimes, to solve your problem, satisfy your desires and meet your needs, the collaboration of a multidisciplinary aesthetic medical team is necessary:

  • Facial and Body Aesthetics
  • Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Micropigmentation
  • Chiropody
  • Mental health

That is why we can tell you to trust us, that we have the knowledge, techniques and technologies that give you natural health and beauty .

We take care of your body and your mind to achieve the beauty that you feel, that you see, and that lasts over time

Yolanda González Pérez

Facial treatment

The facial cure is Hokory’s most demanded and recognized service, many of the Reviews that you can find on Google about us talk about it, do you want to know it better?


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Yolanda González


For years I held the position of Technical Director at Martin Rubenstein, I have worked in the training of advanced aesthetic technical teams.

My experience as a graduate in cosmetology and ancestral Kobido techniques led me to design the Hokory Method, a care circuit where we enhance the synergy of three fundamental pillars of aesthetics: Cosmetology, Apparatus and ancestral Kobido maneuvers, so revered by the empresses. Japanese women known for the beauty and health of their skin.

I have designed each treatment to achieve the best results, knowing that the skin is much more beautiful when beauty is cared for from within, we will design your elixir of youth.

Harmony between Body and Soul

We feed your body and mind to achieve beauty that is seen, felt and lasts over time.

A time dedicated to feeling your inner and outer beauty. You are unique for you and for us, we will immerse you in a world of sensations designed exclusively for you.

A care circuit to feed your body and mind to achieve beauty that is seen, felt and lasts over time…


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